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  • Partnership with Masitek Instrumets. Canada

    Partnership with Masitek Instrumets. Canada

    Start of Partnership with Masitek Instruments Inc., Canada and Technical University Weihenstephan & Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan. (f.l.t.r.) Dr. Andreas Weideneder, Prof. Winfried Huss and Prof. Martin Krottenthaler (Technical University Weihenstephan-Triesdorf), C. Copien (Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan)

  • In-Line Smart Sensor Company MMAAZZ names Dr. Ing. Andreas Weideneder as European Representative

    In-Line Smart Sensor Company MMAAZZ names Dr. Ing. Andreas Weideneder as European Representative

    Moncton, NB, Canada – MMAAZZ Technology, a division of Masitek Instruments Inc., and the global leader in smart in-line sensor technology announced today, an expansion of its European operations with Dr. Ing. Andreas Weideneder leading the initiative. Tracy Clinch, President and CEO of Masitek Instruments Inc., explains that Dr. Weideneder of Burghausen, Germany has agreed to represent the New Brunswick company in Europe. “With the rapid growth we are experiencing in the European market, which is home to many large breweries, wineries and bottling companies as well as global OEM leaders, we are extremely pleased to add the experience and expertise of Andreas to our team.” Dr. Weideneder is a recognized international expert in the brewing and beverage industry and a member of the Bavarian Weideneder family, whose rich history in brewing dates back to 1438. As brewmaster since 1987, his experience includes all aspects of the business from process analysis to IT processes to conception and design of production facilities. His doctorate in Brewing Science led him to become a faculty member at the Technical University Munich-Weihenstephan, a world famous brewing university. MMAAZZ’s EVP Global Sales, Pablo Asiron, stated, “Our name is spreading throughout the European bottling community and because we now have our products in some of the largest and oldest breweries our reputation for producing results is growing. Having a person with Dr. Weideneder’s experience represent us, adds even more credibility to our company and to our line of products.” After several years of heading technical and commercial affairs of breweries, Andreas now directs a consultancy company and is a management system expert in ISO 9001 and 14001. He is also an international court surveyor for commercial and technological affairs of the beverage industry. “The technology that MMAAZZ has produced has had a dramatic effect on the bottling industry. Their products are solving issues in rapid time that bottlers have struggled with for decades,” comments Weideneder. “For me, this is a company that I have no hesitation in wanting to represent as Business Development Manager Europe. I know the value that their products bring and I look forward to adding to the list of companies that see successful results from deploying them in their plants.” Distributing through a global agent network, the MMAAZZ client base includes food and packaging industry giants, ABInBev, Heineken, Nestle, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Unilever, Carlsberg and others. About MMAAZZ Technology Headquartered in Canada, MMAAZZ Technology is a division of Masitek Instruments Inc. MMAAZZ offers state-of-the-art, real-time wireless detection and reporting technologies designed to immediately identify and quantify damage to fragile goods in production, packaging and distribution systems for handlers and manufacturers around the world in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. MASITEK’s innovative in-line smart sensor technology helps reduce downtime, enhance product integrity and increase global scalability, productivity and profits. MMAAZZ has grown to become the global leader in virtual remote sensing technology with installations in Fortune 1000 companies around the world.

  • Dr. Andreas Weideneder as second examiner for the audit of the master thesis

    Dr. Andreas Weideneder as second examiner for the audit of the master thesis

    Dr. Andreas Weideneder (left) as second examiner for the audit of the master thesis of Tim Kruse (middle): Principles of Risk Mitigation in Project Finance – A case study of the WeizenGold brewery project in South Africa.

  • Reopening Stone Brewery in Berlin

    Reopening Stone Brewery in Berlin

    Visit of the freshly opened Stone Brewing Berlin as world wide „milestone“ and benchmark of the craft beer & pub brewery and event gastronomy szene – a „gourmet temple for beer“ in the old gas facility of Berlin in the eyes of Dr. Andreas Weideneder Dr. Andreas Weideneder (right) with Hubertus Kruse (left) in talk with Greg Koch, the founder of Stone Brewing about the origin, philosophy and visions of Stone Brewing, USA

  • New website for the BCW GmbH

    New website for the BCW GmbH

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